Chamber of Commerce to Host Biggest Litter Free Lp Fest Yet

The Livingston Parish Chamber of Commerce has decided to tackle litter in a big way. The Chamber’s Love Lp campaign launched last year to encourage community pride and enhance Livingston Parish. The focal point of the Love Lp campaign is the Litter Free Lp initiative.  
“We want to make an organized, community effort to fight this issue that we all agree is a serious problem and a priority in our Parish,” said John Blount, Litter Initiative Chair.
The initiative so far has been focused on two goals, raising awareness of litter in Livingston Parish to prevent future trash in the ditches and streets, and taking practical steps to engage the entire parish in cleaning up existing litter. The business community in Livingston Parish has responded to the initiative with enthusiasm.
Since it began, the Litter Initiative Committee has held two successful community clean up days, one in Nov. 2018 and one this past March. Each event had about ten teams and 100 participants. The committee is planning a “Litter Free Lp Fest” which is expected to double that number. On Saturday, Nov. 16, the third parish-wide litter clean-up day in 18 months will be held with at least 20 teams across all communities of Livingston Parish cleaning their neighborhoods, businesses and roads.
In addition to the two parish-wide cleanup events, the Litter Initiative Committee has collected more than 560 signatures on the Litter Free Lp Pledge. Signatories agree not to litter and to secure loads in their trucks preventing accidental litter. Also, to raise awareness, people are encouraged to participate in “10 on the 10th” by picking up 10 pieces of trash near their home, work or school on the 10th of each month. Photos of citizens across the parish picking up trash on the 10th are posted to social media with the hashtags #10onthe10th, #LoveLp and #LitterFreeLp.
“Municipalities and government agencies, as well as some business owners and citizens, are cleaning litter in our parish every day, but it’s not enough. This problem won’t be solved until we each decide that we are personally going to contribute to solving it,” said April Wehrs, Livingston Parish Chamber CEO and President.
On Saturday, Nov. 16, each team will gather at 7:30 am at a preselected location to receive safety instructions and gear from a team captain. The teams will then clean an area of the community together from 8 to 11 am. At 11 am an after-party to celebrate the volunteers’ hard work will be held at Walk-On’s in Juban Crossing.
“This is about more than cleaning up litter on one day,” said John Blount, Litter Initiative Chair, “We want to raise awareness and keep this issue at the top of everyone’s mind. We believe if people are aware, they will take action.”
To join a team for the Litter Free Lp Fest, visit the Chamber’s Website at Once signed up, participants will receive an email with safety guidelines to follow and will be added to a communication list when further details are announced.
About the Chamber: The Livingston Parish Chamber of Commerce is the largest and longest-standing business organization in Livingston Parish. We represent the business community and coordinate community initiatives and programs which make Livingston Parish better. The Chamber is a 501(C)6 nonprofit association serving Livingston Parish and each of its municipalities and communities.