Albany Community Park - Leadership Project 2021

Albany Community Park - Leadership Project 2021


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Project Impact: $36,376 | Volunteer Hours: 242 #Impacted: Over 18,000 Residents/Visitors

Leadership Livingston Class of 2021 Group Project -
Picking up where the Class of 2016 and the Town of Albany left off, the Class of 2021 took on the project with a goal of providing all access handicap parking, a paved walkway for all access, a mural painting, landscaping and benches. Our team stepped in to expedite the rejuvenation, and we concentrated our efforts on bringing the park into offering an opportunity for all to access this wonderful park. Leadership Livingston is a program of the Livingston Parish Chamber where community projects are a vital part of the program.


Weyerhaeuser Giving Fund
Sheriff Jason Ard
Sherman Mack
Blount Construction

Albany Lower Elementary Students
Homekey Real Estate Group
Quality Engineering & Surveying

L. Jerry Kinchen, Inc * Jaydean Lands, LLC * Rogers Pope Campaign
Hancock Whitney Bank * US Fire Pump * Ferrara Fire * Landry's Landscaping

Kinchen Group * Elena Lavigne, CPA * T
Hannis T. Bourgeois, LLP * Bankston Law Firm, LLC
Jason Harris Campaign * Elite Chiropractic * Albany Upper Elementary Students

Other Donors - Individual - Group Members
Trapper Kinchen * Amanda Moss * Jennifer Rossnagel
Gage Spell * Eileen McCarrol
Group: Jennifer Duet, Trapper Kinchen, Elena Lavigne, Eileen McCarrol, Amanda Moss, Jennifer Rossnagel, Gage Spell, Michelle O'Quinn, Heather Verret,


Sheriff Jason Ard Sponsor
Sherman Mack Sponsor
Weyerhaeuser Giving Fund Sponsor
Blount General Contractors Sponsor
HomeKey Real Estate Sponsor
Albany Lower Elementary Sponsor
Quality Engineering Sponsor
Entergy Sponsor
Livingston Parish Chamber Sponsor

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April Wehrs
Leadership Facilitator